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Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

For more novella-length reading on women confounding society, try these…

Daisy Miller by Henry James for a story of a young woman’s vibrant curiosity and how it makes the fancy-pants set uneasy

The Lover by Marguerite Duras for an intense story of an audacious and scandalous love affair set in 1930s colonial Southeast Asia

The Awakening by Kate Chopin for a bold and harrowing story of a woman’s dissatisfaction with her place in early 20th century New Orleans

Lucinella by Lore Segal for a funny account of a young writer at a writer’s retreat and the endearing (and ridiculous) characters she encounters

This post was guest edited by Deena Drewis, Founder & Editor of Nouvella, an independent publisher dedicated to novellas.

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  |  Sir Series at Miller’s Oath

In continuation of the Oliver Peoples Vintage Circa 1987 collection, we are pleased to introduce a new series: Sir O’Malley, Sir Finley, and Sir Kent. These timeless designs are inspired by our past and reinvented for the future, paying homage to their iconic status within the brand’s history. Oliver Peoples is proud to align with Miller’s Oath, a custom menswear brand based in New York. Founded in 1906 by six brothers, Miller’s Oath began as a trading post and quickly grew as an institution lauded for hand - tailoring and bespoke accessories. While Oliver Peoples Founder and Creative Director Larry Leight’s roots are in Los Angeles, and Derrick and Kirk Miller are from the East Coast, the founders’ values and discerning customer are precisely in line. Oliver Peoples and Miller’s Oath both cater to a customer who carries a distinct confidence, valuing immaculate quality without a focus on logos, but with a discerning taste for impeccable, discreetly branded style.


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